Votre projet... 


We come to meet you in your environment in order to immerse ourselves in your problems.

If necessary, we will guide you in the drafting of your specifications.


We study the solution that best suits your needs and we offer you the appropriate technological means.

At this stage, you will be in contact with our engineers to ensure continuous monitoring of your project.


Nous vous proposons un projet qui répond à vos attentes techniques et financières et nous planifions ensemble la réalisation de votre solution pour respecter au mieux vos contraintes temporelles.


Together with you, we make the product or machine that suits you.

ARDPI masters the global process by bringing together internally all the trades required to monitor your project.


Together we validate your project.


De la livraison à la prise en main sur site, nos ingénieurs vous accompagnent.

Integration and start up of your product within your professional environment.


Nous vous assistons durant toute la durée de la garantie et au-delà.

Nous vous proposons des contrats de maintenance afin de mieux maîtriser vos coûts sur la durée.

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Our solutions

Embedded systems

ARDPI develops embedded systems, autonomous, combining electronics, computer science and mechanics, all dedicated to specific tasks.

Monitoring solutions

ARDPI develops monitoring solutions for the acquisition, pre-processing, transmission and availability of essential data for preventive and predictive maintenance.

Tailor-made solutions

Specialist in measuring and control machines for industry and research, automating your non-destructive testing is one of our specialities.

Dijon Metropolis: A territory of the future at the service of innovation

Dijon is the leading city in France for the establishment of French companies (for cities with 80,000 to 250,000 inhabitants, source Le Point 2019).

At ARDPI, we take advantage of the local dynamism to build solid partnerships and thus develop our activities alongside local and national clients. 

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