In order to respond to the environmental, societal and ethical issues that have become essential in our society, ARDPI is committed to a process of Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Seen as a guarantee of progress and sustainability, it is seen as the key to shared growth, profitable for the company, its employees, partners and civil society in general.

Within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility, ARDPI is committed.

Environmental policy

Building a lasting legacy for future generations. In a logic of continuous improvement, ARDPI pursues a voluntarist environmental policy. Anxious to position itself as an eco-responsible player.

Limiting consumables

...paper, ink cartridges, toners... to the bare minimum. Automatic double-sided printing is set up by default, with a preferential choice of de-materialized documents. Management of water consumption by equipping with water savers.

Managing and recycling waste reusing the front of the draft sheets. Sorting of operating waste (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, batteries, printer cartridges). ARDPI applies its waste collection and treatment policy at all levels within the company. For example, dedicated paper baskets are available to employees, and rubbish relating to common equipment (coffee machine, etc.) is recovered. Used computer consumables are collected and sorted.

Reducing energy costs adopting a responsible attitude of temperature regulation (automatic or manual). Make sure that the lighting is switched off outside of working hours and that computers are switched off.

Integrating the ecological dimension any investment or renewal of equipment by favouring eco-labelled office equipment. We have also purchased glass containers for employees to collect food for meals, glass cups for customers and stainless steel spoons to eliminate plastic stirrers. In addition, we ensure that the different departments pool their orders and shipments whenever possible.

Reducing travel and promoting green modes

ARDPI is committed to minimizing travel, in particular through videoconferencing and web conferencing. When necessary, the company's employees travel to our clients and partners' premises so as not to alter the quality of the service. In addition, carpooling as well as modes of transport such as bicycles are valued and are beginning to develop.

Awareness-raising among employees

ARDPI's CSR approach has been designed to be developed in a collective and collaborative manner. It therefore involves all the company's employees at their respective levels.

Social and societal policy

The principles of social and ethical responsibility guide ARDPI in its management of human resources and its actions towards its employees. These commitments are reflected in a proactive policy composed of four components.

Employee welfare commitments

ARDPI strives, through its organisation, its management model and the benefits it offers, to contribute to the development of its employees. Thus each employee is supported individually in his or her career within ARDPI. By favouring dialogue and common understanding.

Wellness Committee

Our Wellness Committee regularly proposes outings, meals and good plans to promote cohesion within the company. Listening to their colleagues, it is a driving force to always improve the work. Every year, a seminar is organized, during one day the employees share laughter, sports efforts and good times.

Employee benefits and services

A group mutual insurance company paid 100% by the employer. A 9€ luncheon voucher (5.40€) paid for by the employer. Finally, bonuses have been set up to share the benefits with the business generators, our employees. Thus, each year, our employees receive a profit-sharing bonus, and because tomorrow is being prepared today, they each have a company savings plan. Finally, to ensure well-being within the company, requests for teleworking are considered on a case-by-case basis, with the company encouraging the approach.

Preservation of employability

We do not offer a pre-designed route. To enable employees to evolve and adapt to changes in their professional life, we use several levers: career-long interviews, personalized support, training and experience sharing.

Ethics Policy

The United Nations Global Compact calls on businesses to adopt, support and implement within their sphere of influence a set of core values in the areas of human rights, labour and environmental standards and anti-corruption.  

ARDPI thus places the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact at the heart of its social and societal actions.

Human rights

International Labour Standards


Fight against corruption

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