Depuis 13 ans...

ARDPI's history is written with bold women and men.

Each person has his or her own personality, and over time innovations become the hallmark of our company.

Today, putting the customer at the heart of our solutions is our top priority.

With strong partnerships, we are able to accompany you in your technological projects.

ARDPI offices Selongey
01 October 2009
Creation of the company
2 partners embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship to bring the latest technological innovations to the industrial world and create ARDPI, the Agency for Research and Development of Industrial Products.
01 October 2009
01 October 2014
98, 99, ...
ARDPI has 100 clients to its credit. Main actors of the industrial world, the client portfolio is represented in a majority of fields of activity: Energy, Automotive, Agronomy, Sport, Medical, Luxury...
100 !
01 October 2014
01 April 2016
ARDPI partners with the Carnot Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Burgundy (ICB) to establish fundamental research on the detection of non-destructive defects in matter at the micrometer and nanometer scale.
01 April 2016
Panorama of ARDPI offices
01 June 2017
New premises
Due to its exponential development, ARDPI leaves its original location in Selongey (21260) and moves to new, more spacious premises in the North Cape area of Dijon (21000).
01 June 2017
01 August 2017
198, 199...
ARDPI's development continues, supported by a motivated and dynamic team, to reach a portfolio of 200 clients.
200 !
01 August 2017
01 October 2019
ARDPI celebrates 10 years of existence
For 10 years now, we have been proud to accompany our customers on a daily basis and to offer them the latest technological innovations to boost their growth.
01 October 2019
Crise sanitaire​
Malgré de longs mois et des contraintes strictes, ARDPI traverse la crise sanitaire avec succès et transforme les aménagements contraints en une nouvelle force au quotidien.​
ARDPI a eu la chance de bénéficier du soutien de l’État au travers du plan de relance pour accompagner son projet d’industrialisation. L’objectif de celui-ci est d’industrialiser des produits issus d’un rachat d’activité, dans le domaine des ferments à destination de l’agroalimentaire, et même de la santé et de l’environnement.​
Création du Groupe ARDPI
Fort de certains succès sur des marchés très diverses comme la biotechnologie et les énergies, il a été décidé en 2021 de créer un groupe. Cette stratégie de groupe a été pensée afin de gagner en lisibilité auprès des clients des marchés identifiés et de préserver l’agilité et la performance de la société d’ingénierie ARDPI. Le groupe ARDPI est une réponse unique aux besoins de plus en plus fréquents de concevoir et d’industrialiser des solutions sur mesure dans différents domaines.

Our missions

To propose a global solution to industrialists, for monitoring, measurement and control in order to guarantee the quality of their products.

ARDPI wants to be a company that accompanies its customers in the transition to Plant 4.0.

The search for optimal solutions for our customers, our employees and the environment in which we live.

Understand the challenges of our clients and adapt to their constraints.

Taking into account the short and long term in our technologies.