A team of specialized engineers put their skills and experience at your disposal. Directly linked to the university scientific world, we master the critical aspects of your research processes. Our technical feasibility studies and proofs of concept enable us to produce functional prototypes. This way, you are in control of your project from start to finish.

Since 2015, ARDPI and the Institut Carnot de Bourgogne have joined forces as a scientific interest group under the name NanoSense Lab in order to use their skills to propose innovative non-destructive testing solutions directly related to emerging issues.

The aim of non-destructive testing is to detect any harmful defects at all stages of a part's life, from the production of the base material to the finished product in operation, through the various and sometimes numerous intermediate stages of manufacture.

The multidisciplinary scientific knowledge and technical know-how pooled within the NanoSense Lab led us to develop a characterization tool that meets the requirements of these problems related to residual stresses. This equipment based on local probe microwave microscopy allows non-contact inspection of surface and subsurface matter while offering micrometric spatial resolution and detection thresholds adapted to the monitoring of stress field evolution. This tool allows the direct determination of residual stress profiles in materials during inspection and enables the identification and early detection of damage within materials and structures due to oxidation or corrosion, for example.

For companies, manufacturers and equipment manufacturers of small or medium sized components whose need for their so-called optimized components is to have an earlier non-destructive testing of defects in parts or requiring direct mechanical measurement (residual stresses) on the surface or subsurface, this collaborative project offers a measurement solution to support their research and development, innovation and/or diversification process.

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